Welcome to Rahva !

Posted by Ben Vallance on

Welcome to the first Rahva blog !

We are really excited to be launching our new Rahva Superfood and Supplements range of products.

Its taken quite sometime to get this far but we are here now and we are eager to please. The Rahva  story started with a trip to South East Asia and visiting some friends who made us feel super welcome and introduced us to lots of cool Asian experiences.

After falling in love with the local people it got us thinking on how we could make excuses to travel back again and again and again !

Having spent years sourcing products from China for a global electronics business, we had an idea to source a new product from our new favourite place. Having a great love of food and an interest in nutrition and after a conversation with our local friends the idea of Rahva was born.

We hope you will share our Rahva journey and will feel the nutritional benefits we have felt while selecting and testing all the Moringa products over the last 8 months.

Please review our products in our store and feedback through our 'contacts us' so we can tweak and improve our products and service.

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